Last Days of the Coastal Empire
Last Days of the Coastal Empire


Veteran political reporter Mike Taylor’s been there, done that. Rigged polls, slimy advertising, laundered campaign cash – he’s covered them all. He likes to take names and kick ass. He’s won awards, but among his favorite trophies are the scalps of crooked or just plain dumb politicians.

Starting a new job at the Clarion in Savannah, Georgia, Taylor returns to the town’s Mayberry-by-the-Sea neighbor, Tybee Island, where he spent an enchanted summer as a youth.
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Larry Peterson

About Larry Peterson

Larry Peterson is a veteran journalist with four decades of experience as a political reporter, columnist, supervising editor and freelance writer.

Peterson has covered six national party conventions as well as numerous candidates for president, governor and Congress. He has been a city or metro editor in charge of news coverage at three daily newspapers and an editorial pages editor. Read more


Excerpt from the Book

GRAVITY AND THE ELEMENTS WERE winning a long war of attrition against the Ahearn Hotel. Its porches sagged.
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